Artist Bio




After enjoying a childhood of art classes in and out of public school, Wendy Rosenberg began her formal training as an artist at Syracuse University where she majored in Advertising Design.   

She was thankful for the freshman core, exploring drawing, design, painting and sculpture before deciding to become an art director. Her studio course work built on her skills of watercolor and acrylic hard edge painting from high school and added new exciting ideas.

For 10 years she worked in advertising directing the creation of print advertisements and television commercials, starting with other printed pieces including packaging, point of purchase displays, and billboards. Wendy worked for design studios and advertising agencies and then as a freelancer while starting a family and pursuing a post baccalaureate degree in Art Education.

Wendy never stopped directing art. For the last 20 years Wendy  directed/taught art in Livingston, New Jersey in public school, 19 of those years at their 7th and 8th grade middle school. She never gave up her desire to have high expectations for herself and the people she worked with and therefore, her middle school students have created an incredible body of work under her guidance, which would seem to be high school work to outsiders.

Throughout her career as an art educator Wendy embraced the requirement for professional development and continued through the district and on her own to take studio workshops, attend  conferences and museum and gallery openings, and lectures in New York City and New Jersey . Wendy has been working in her studio at home since before retirement but can now focus on projects of her own. She intends to create artwork using a variety of techniques used with her students that she loves. She has a strong desire to create a larger body of work to show and to sell and to teach teens using her most loved lessons in ceramics, sculpture, painting, and collage.